Websites listing a range of hotels, villas and apartments for rent:
 As long as these listed in Hydra Town, they will be within 10 minutes walk of the conference venue, the Bratsera Hotel:
A list of hotels is also provided below at a range of prices, with contact numbers and websites. Please note that the owners of the smaller pensions may not speak English or take credit cards.
In Hydra town, the Nefeli, Hydra and Theano hotels are quite high up and accessed by several flights of steps, so bear this in mind if carrying heavy luggage.
The Delfini and Argo hotels are on the harbour front and may be a bit noisy.
Kamini is a small village approximately 15 minutes walk along the coast. There is a range of accommodation here, but you will be better located in Hydra town.
Avoid any accommodation in Mandraki Bay, as this is too far to commute comfortably.

Hotels/Pensions in Hydra


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Map of Hydra Hotels